Sustainability for the Holidays

During holiday season, it can be easy to be unsustainable as there are lots of gifts exchanged and lights on for decoration, but here are some tips to be more sustainable.


  • Use LED decoration lights rather than incandescent, they will save much more electricity
  • Use a timer to turn on an off lights, so then aren’t on all day (or even all night)
  • Replace burnt out bulbs rather than throwing out the entire strand
  • Use a plastic holiday tree (you won’t need to buy a tree every year, and they are safer)
  • Re-purpose old mason jars into decoration lights by putting an LED candle in them and decorating the outside


  • Don’t wrap your presents in wrapping paper
  • If you have to wrap gifts, try old newspapers that can be decorated
  • Reuse gift bags from year to year
  • Get more sustainable gifts for people
  • Shop local businesses for presents
  • If ordering online, try to order stuff together rather than on many occasions to reduce transportation emissions
  • Use more natural decorations, like pine cones, rather than plastic stuff that you can find in stores
  • Try getting people event / movie / vacation tickets instead of a physical gift

Other things

  • Don’t use disposable utensils and plates during dinners
  • Shovel instead of plowing or snow blowing for small driveways or walkways if possible
  • Don’t turn the heat up as high
Written on December 9, 2017