Bioplane Website


This website was built for the Coast to Coast Bioflight which was a project about a small plane powered by biodeisel which was going to fly from Rhode Island to California in 2016. The flight was successfully completed!

Green Team Website

WPI Green Team

The Green Team is a sustainability club at WPI which raises awareness of environmental issues and promotes sustainable actions throughout the campus. I joined the Green Team my freshman year and later became the president.

Green Team Website

WPI Space Robotics Challenge

The WPI Space Robotics Challenge team was a NASA robotics competition team which competed by programming a virtual humanoid robot to conduct important tasks for the future of space exploration. I joined the team during my freshman year. The team did really good by the way!

South Foster Fire

South Foster Fire Company (Prototype)

The South Foster Fire Company is a volunteer fire department in Rhode Island. I built a prototype website for them, but they decided to go with Squarespace so their members could easily change the design of the website when needed.