About me

I am a computer science major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in my Freshman year.

I am a frontend web designer / developer based in Chepachet, RI and have created several websites including one for Coast to Coast Bioflight and WPI Green Team. I primarily do volunteer work with websites for causes that I am passionate about. If you are interested in my work, and believe I may be passionate about your cause, contact me at kncorry@wpi.edu and I will be happy to work with you.

I also develop for the Android platform and have created two applications that are on the Play Store. The first being Shut Up & Drive! and the other being KKAT WiFi.

Finally, I am a mentor for FRC Team 5112 as the lead Programming and Controls mentor. I maintain the codebase for the Library of Gongolierium and the Robot Vision API.

My posts

1-22-2017: Transformations and Coordinate Frames

1-25-2017: Trello for an Organized Team

1-27-2017: Abstraction Through Robot Software Architecture

2-05-2017: Using the Robot Vision API